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HIV Care

Tiger Brands Medical Scheme ensures that our members have access to quality care and understand how to make use of the benefits available to them for HIV/AIDS.


The Scheme covers all HIV costs such as anti-retroviral medicines, doctor visits, blood tests and hospitalizations according to the latest HIV guidelines.  


We also cover testing for HIV so that members can find out if they are infected with HIV.


Members who are HIV positive can join our HIV Disease Management Programme.  Members need to join this Programme in order to qualify for the HIV benefits.


The HIV Programme provides a support system for members with HIV and especially for those who have been newly diagnosed.  A dedicated team of HIV nurse counsellors, who are trained and experienced in HIV, telephonically contact the HIV positive members. The nurses provide education regarding the transmission of HIV, lifestyle management, nutrition and diet. The nurses also educate the member about preventing and managing opportunistic infections such as TB or pneumonia.


Tiger Brands Medical Scheme supplies Vitamins to HIV members to help keep their immune system healthy.


Medicines for post exposure prophylaxis (e.g. after rape, unprotected sex or exposure to infected blood) are paid for by the Scheme.

We help prevent your baby from contracting HIV by paying for the medicines needed to prevent the mother -to -child transmission of HIV.  


Please contact the HIV Disease management nurses on 086 0111 900.


Fax number: 011 208 1101



After hours emergency number: 011 321 1445



You can be assured that your personal information regarding your HIV status will not be revealed to anyone unless you give us written permission to do so.