About us

Tiger Brands Medical Scheme (TBMS) is a dedicated medical scheme for the employees of Tiger Brands, Spar, Adcock Ingram and Sea Harvest. With TBMS in their corner, our members and their dependants are ensured access to quality healthcare whenever they may need it, giving them peace of mind while they are busy making a difference to their teams and organisations.

Why choose TBMS?

Our scheme has a proven track record of reliability, is financially strong and offers personalised service and healthcare benefits that suit the individual needs of our members at highly competitive rates.

The needs of our members and their dependants are at the very heart of everything we do, which is reflected by our outstanding levels of service delivery.

While TBMS offers a highly personalised service, it also recognises the importance of patient confidentiality. All staff members are bound by confidentiality clauses in their contracts as well as by the law. All members can therefore be assured of absolute confidentiality when it comes to their healthcare affairs.

For our members

TBMS is a non-profit entity that is run by a Board of Trustees, to ensure the best interests of the scheme and its members are at heart at all times.

Our solvency reserves ratio is well above the 25% that the Medical Schemes Act requires, demonstrating the scheme’s financial stability and ability to pay member claims.



TBMS was formed when Tiger Oats Medical Scheme amalgamated with ICS Medical Aid Society in 2000 and has been providing excellent medical cover to its members since January 2001. TBMS is managed and administered by Universal Care (Pty) Ltd. and Universal Healthcare Administrators (Pty) Ltd. Both companies have enviable track records and operate under the well-respected banner of Universal Healthcare.

Our mission is quality health care for our members