In the event of a medical emergency:

Step 1: Call ER24 on 084 124.

Step 2: Tell the ER24 operator that you are a Tiger Brands Medical Scheme member so they can request all the information they need to get help to you fast.

ER24 provides Emergency Medical Services throughout South Africa as well as in Lesotho and Swaziland to all Tiger Brands Medical Scheme members.

For Universal Care pre-authorisation call 0860 102 312.

Please note

Hospital pre-authorisation is required within 24 hours of an emergency admission and 48 hours in advance for all elective procedures. A R1 000.00 co-payment will apply if pre-authorisation is not requested. It is preferred that the beneficiary phones for pre-authorisation, if able to do so.

Tips for being prepared

  • An emergency can happen at any time. Please store ER24 084 124 under “Medical Emergency” on your mobile phone.
  • Display the ER24 emergency number – 084 124 – in highly visible places, such as the fridge.
  • In an accident, take note of road names and street numbers, as this will expedite the emergency response.